Production Rails are Almost Here!

Hey Guys,

My molds are done!
Tooling the mold met a few snags, but they are done!

I should have sample rails in-hand in a week or so. Stay tuned for a preview.


Tri-Shot Promo is Up!

Hey guys.
This was a long time coming. Pretty much spent the later part of the week planning, filming and editing this trailer. Filming the Tri-shot Shotgun was a definite challenge and time consuming work, but the fruits are worth it.

Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

– David
Oh, and expect to see limited edition rails in the coming week and production rails in 3-5 weeks!

Facebook profile and Possible Giveaway?

Hey guys, 

I’ve decided to open a Facebook account for Dangerwerx. 

Why? One of the biggest reasons was because I noticed a few people being directed to my blog by searching “Dangerwerx Facebook Page” and many variations on that. 

So, in that spirit, I am looking to do a promotional giveaway to get exposure for my FB profile. Check in a few days to see what my surprise will be!

– Dave

Long break. Project Updates. Tri-Shot Shotguns and You

Hey Guys,

I have been swamped in the last few weeks, but I wanted to poke in and update any of you who check out my blog.

Well, teaser a few weeks ago was a hint that I will be designing and producing parts for the Tri-shot series of shotguns.

If you are on Reddit’s r/airsoft, Airsoft Barracks or Arnie’s airsoft, you might have seen my questionnaire on the tri-shot shotguns . I’ve been looking online to get a better feel for what players want and the few replies have pretty much confirmed my next few projects. I have one already in the pipeline and 2 others on the sidelines as well.

If you guys have the time, please check out any of those threads and post of you can.