So You Wanna Get The HE Lever…

Hey Guys.
Looking to grab a HE Lever? Click on the picture below to read the comparison guide on my new website.


^^^^^ Click the picture above ^^^^^


14 thoughts on “So You Wanna Get The HE Lever…

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  2. Hello Dangerwerx.Are these levers available anywhere else as airsoft Gi dont post abroad.I live in the uk.Im more than happy to pay for the shipping ect.Many thanks Gary.

  3. would these work in a aps2/l96 platform? outside of pdi, its extremely hard to find hopup parts for these guns

    • Hey Austin,

      These are meant for the vsr-10 platform. I am not familiar enough with the Aps2 platform to design parts for it.

      I was able to find these arms though.

      Through my research, they do ship state side for 10-15 dollars, depending on the order size.

  4. Hey there Danger Werx. I recently purchased one of your type A hop arms and installed it. Upon installation I found that it wasnt applying much hop even with the hop all the way up. I compared the arm to the standard arm and noticed the prongs were shorter than the original. Perhaps I have installed something wrong, Any help/advice would be nice

    • Hey John,
      The nubs are shorter to compensate for the increased adjustment angle, which rubber are you using with the type-A arms and into which brand hop up are you installing?
      Off the top of my head, I would check to see if there is movement on the hop up unit’s cross bar ( attached to the sliding plate)

      Check it out and let me know if that helps.

      – Dave

  5. Are these levers compatible with the Ares Aw338? The hop up on mine has always been pretty weak, even after switching to an Angel W hard bucking.

  6. hey i would like to purchase one of your hop-up arms, i have a tsd sd702 with the upgrade kit, and i was wondering if you know if your arm will fit my gun ?

  7. Hi dangerwerx, in Ireland and unfortunately we have a one joule limit. I ordered your type b arm as I have firefly soft bucking. Just wondering using .3 BBs on lowest setting would it over hop or would it have some room for adjustment be OK?

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