Mp9 Threaded Muzzle Install

Hey Guys!
Looking to install the
Mp9 Threaded Barrel?

Check out a few install guides by clicking the image below
MP9 pic installMissed it! ^^ That is one up there^^


11 thoughts on “Mp9 Threaded Muzzle Install

  1. Just a quick question . Will this work for the earlier TMP/Spp’s? These didn’t have much of an outer barrel like the MP9 has and “looks” to have a slightly larger diameter. If it’s a yes best believe I’m getting one.


    • Sorry Ralphie,
      Under normal circumstances, you won’t be able to do it.
      You would need to source a part from the MP9 for the muzzle to fit.

      There was a update between the designs as it moved from TMP to MP9. The base that connected the muzzle to the muzzle base on the TMP was a threaded design, while the updated KWA KMP9 uses two pins to secure the muzzle.

      if you can get a hold of Part 15 (Muzzle Base) off of an mp9, you would be in business.

      – Dave

      • Thank you for replying Dave. Looks like I’m buying an MP9. I’ll leave the TMP original since external upgrades are all discontinued and rare. A new MP9 would be cheaper. KWA wouldn’t sell me the MP9 upper receiver so I can have at least a top rail for the tmp, sucks. Take care!


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