Hey guys,

Looking to install a Dangerwerx Project? Check out the guides below.

I have written up two picture guides on the installation of the Mp9 Threaded Barrel and the Mac11 Threaded barrel. Below my guides are user created videos on installation as well.


Threaded barrel Install
MP9 Threaded barrel Step-by-Step Pictoral Guide by Me

KWA Mac11

Mac11 Threaded Barrel Step-by-step Pictoral Guide by Me

Contributor Videos

MP9 CQB Valve Install Slideshow by GreatWatermelon

MP7 CQB Valve Install by universialpasserby22

Mp9 Muzzle Install by PoothinHammer

Mp9 CQB Valve + Theaded Muzzle By JPogue

Vsr-10 HE Lever install by 

VSR-10 HE Lever install by FullyWolly



3 thoughts on “Guides

  1. Here is a video install I did of this and the Flute valve. If you want too use it go ahead.

    [Video Posted Above}

    Thanks for the great products and being the first to offer a fix for the high FPS.

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