VSR 10 H.E Levers in the UK, Ongoing projects

Hey guys,

Things have been busy for me recently, I have been working on more Vsr-10 related parts as well as things outside of Airsoft.

Just wanted to peek in and let people know that my Type-B levers are now being sold in the UK as well.

Check out Airsoft Sniper Parts to purchase.

Also be sure to check out my quick FAQ, So You Wanna Get The HE Lever…to find out if the Type-B is the right one for you


HE Lever in the Wild!

Hey Guys,

Whisper from the AirsoftSniperForum has posted a short demo of the arm in action

His rifle is rated for 500fps at .20g bb’s

You can find the levers HERE at AirsoftGI

Which HE Lever should I get – FAQ has been posted

Hey guys,

Shortly after the High Engagement (H.E) Levers were posted on the AirsoftGi website, I got a dozen and a half e-mails asking me which lever to buy. To start, these H.E levers are designed for the Tokyo Mauri VSR-10 platform and similar clones like the Bar-10

After seeing common questions pop up, I edited the best of my responses and rendered up a few pictures for you guys to scope out.

Hope this helps!

“So You Wanna Get the HE Lever”

– Dave

H.E Lever Teaser #2

Hey Guys!

The levers came in and I was able to start my quality control testing.
Things are looking good!

Here are a few teaser shots of the things to come.

And here is a sample Info-chart I am still working on

How do you guys like the shots?
Think I am missing anything on the info-chart?

Anyways, stay tuned on availability.

– David

VSR-10 H.E Lever update

Well guys,

Initial reports coming in from my beta-testers have been pretty good.

For the most part, there are some loose tolerances in the pivot hole for the VSR-10/Bar-10/AGM models, so a bit of dimension tweaking was in order. The loose-ness didn’t play a major factor though.

A second issue was the width of the levers themselves. I had based the thickness on that would freely float in my JG hop up unit and only had measurements for the VSR-10 chamber. Again, there were some differences between BAR-10 batches and other knock offs, so further changes were made.

Otherwise, The arms are working as intended, as they control .30g+ very well.

I should have them ready in 2-3 weeks.