Polymer Rail Samples!

Quick update on my Polymer Tri-Shot Rails.

My 2nd batch of samples has arrived and I think I have reached something I would be happy to release.

There are two notes on the rail.

First, there is slight bowing from the injection molding process. The bowing is corrected once the rails are installed.

Second, there will be a small chip on the rail edge, close to the center. The chip is small, does not hamper accessory use, but it is visual. This is a result of going with glass filled polymer. If I went with ABS, it would look nice, but the rail’s toughness and strength would be severely hampered.

I would rather produce something that works, no matter the use, vs take some structural shortcuts to make it “look” better.

Stay tuned! I will be giving 10 rails away on my facebook page later this week.

– Dangerwerx


Limited Edition TS-Rails are out!

Hey guys,

So far, you can purchase my limited edition TS-Rails online at Airsoft GI, and In store at Tsunami AirsoftTac City-South and AEX-Sacramento. Quantities are very limited (< 50 made), so if you want to pick up an aluminum rail, you better do it soon. Otherwise, my polymer rails will be ready in a few weeks.

Production of the polymer rails has started up and I should have samples shortly. I am honestly very excited for this. I will have a sneak peek of the polymer TS-Rails this coming week.

In other TS-Rail news, two Limited TS-Rail reviews have been posted!
The first review was done by Booligan of Airsoft Retreat and the second was by Andy of Airsoft Barracks.

Both reviews feature great photos showing off the rail and a few close up shots of the rail’s support struts. Oh, and of course there are 40mm launchers attached too. So far 2 xm203’s, short and long, as well as a RIS mounted M203. I think I need to find an AG36 and GP-30 to round out the set.

Anyways, next update will feature the Polymer TS-Rail preview and possibly my next project for the Tri-Shot shotguns. I also have some LM4 bits planned as well.

Stay Tuned!

– Dave


Tri-Shot Promo is Up!

Hey guys.
This was a long time coming. Pretty much spent the later part of the week planning, filming and editing this trailer. Filming the Tri-shot Shotgun was a definite challenge and time consuming work, but the fruits are worth it.

Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

– David
Oh, and expect to see limited edition rails in the coming week and production rails in 3-5 weeks!

Long break. Project Updates. Tri-Shot Shotguns and You

Hey Guys,

I have been swamped in the last few weeks, but I wanted to poke in and update any of you who check out my blog.

Well, teaser a few weeks ago was a hint that I will be designing and producing parts for the Tri-shot series of shotguns.

If you are on Reddit’s r/airsoft, Airsoft Barracks or Arnie’s airsoft, you might have seen my questionnaire on the tri-shot shotguns . I’ve been looking online to get a better feel for what players want and the few replies have pretty much confirmed my next few projects. I have one already in the pipeline and 2 others on the sidelines as well.

If you guys have the time, please check out any of those threads and post of you can.