Mp9 magazine tune-up

Hey guys,
I was having some feeding issues with my Mp9 this past week at my local field. Plenty of misfeeds and jammed followers. I figured I had abused my magazines enough to warrant a tune up.

I was able to call up KWA and had four new magazine springs ordered.

Here is the result of 10k+ rounds used, left loaded overnight on several occasions and heat from hot California days.

The new replacement spring is on the top and the older magazine spring is below.

So, If you guys are having feeding/magazine issues, be sure to check your mag springs!

– Dave


Upcoming Mac11 Barrel install guide & My Mp9

Hey All,

Just poking in real quick to let you all know I am working on an installation guide for the Mac11 Threaded barrel. They are currently being resized to be blog friendly. If you have seen the Mp9 installation guide, then you have a general idea of the format. Also, It is BOATLOADS easier to install than the Mp9.

Speaking of Mp9, I realized you guys might not have seen it’s current incarnation since the installation guide.

Well, here she is!

She sports a few odd things…

  • New black mp9 lower ( I used to have a Mp9r lower)
  • Test Fluted Gen1 Barrel
  • Guarder Phantom Flashhider
  • Element mrds
  • Single point sling.

Internally, she sports one of my flute valves, not much to say, KWA builds them tough.

I usually use the mp9 for indoor or mout type fields and this beauty is great for those environments. Being allowed to use mp9 during pistol/shotgun nights almost feels like cheating ( semi-only)

Anyways, that is it for now! Next post will probably be about the Mac11 Install guide and possibly a preview of my next project

– Dave

Preview of My new Mp9 Threaded Muzzles

Hey guys,

Just a quick preview of the new Mp9 threaded barrels I will be making.

I decided to do away with the ribbed texture on the exterior of the muzzle for a simple straight wall.

The overall length of the muzzle has been reduced a good 1/2 inch as well.

Well, here is a render of the muzzle

Simple, right?
This will probably be the standard barrel I produce for the MP9, with maybe a few limited runs of special designs.

Anyways, have a great day!

– D.Werx

Update News: VSR-10 levers, Mp9 Barrels and Upcoming

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack updates, my life has been hectic as of late. I’ve now got the time to bring out more updates for my projects.

First up are the VSR-10 levers.

The money has finally been collected to have another batch produced. I would have had the betas ready with a previous batch, but in my haste I forgot to factor in anodizing build up on the parts. Thus, the pivot hole for the levers came out a bit under sized. Live and learn, right?

Not too costly a mistake, but since re-order time fell around the same time for my Christmas shopping, I decided I would need to sell a few more barrels to have another batch made. Did I mention all my projects I put out are completely funded by my previous products?

Anyways, The money has been sent and I’ll have another 15-20 units ready for testing. I’ve got a few bites for them so far, but I think only 9 of the 15 have been claimed. If you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail and I can add you to the list.

On to other news. The Mp9 Threaded Barrels v2

These turned out much better than I had thought, even with my cautious approach to it’s design. For the next batch, There will be a few changes. I looked at every possible measurement to find areas where a little space can be cut, without hampering the structure. Listening to feedback, the threads are now shorter, barrel cavity is shorter, the ribbing has been removed in favor for a smoother wall. The look will be much more subdued, looking like a stock factory barrel.

Overall, I think this coming batch will be the standard barrel I will produce, with limited runs of ribbed barrels and soon-to-come fluted barrels as well. Pricing will remain the same, simply because why should I charge you more for optimizing my product?

In more Mp9 news, I am still playing with the idea of extended inner barrels. The reason for my hesitation is because having Tightbore-level consistency is pretty darn expensive in small batch numbers. Leading to two things, VERY expensive barrels, or barrels becoming a loss leader. I am not Toyota, I can’t produce loss leaders to make people happy and myself broke.

I have a few solutions to this, but I’ll have to delve deeper before I make any formal announcements.

Thanks for reading guys. This is all the news I have now. I will be doing another post this week, so look out for that!

– D.Werx

First guide Posted! Threaded Muzzle Install

Hey guys,

View the Guide Click Here 

It took me a awhile to find the time to sit down and photograph the installation process again. I probably should have installed the original muzzle in first and proceed to photograph the process.

I had a small available window of time and I did my best for a first try. I will probably go back and re-shoot the install, just because I can.

– D.Werx

Mp9 Threaded Muzzle in the Wild

Here is a quick video posted by PootinHammer, which includes a quick install video and his initial thoughts on the threaded muzzle.

It feel great to see when people post videos about my goods, even better when they enjoy it.

Thanks for the kind words PootinHammer!