Mac11 Barrel Installation Guide is Up!

Hey Guys,

After a few hours setting up shots, playing with lighting, re-sizing and writing, the Mac11 Install guide is up and running! I was able to get the assistance from a good friend for the camera work. I think the guide hits all of the major points for installers and should allow users to easily get by. Let me know if I missed anything.

With the Mac11 barrels now out of the way, my free time has been liberated to explore other projects.

If you can figure out what this piece is for, you can guess what my next project will be!

– Dave


Upcoming Mac11 Barrel install guide & My Mp9

Hey All,

Just poking in real quick to let you all know I am working on an installation guide for the Mac11 Threaded barrel. They are currently being resized to be blog friendly. If you have seen the Mp9 installation guide, then you have a general idea of the format. Also, It is BOATLOADS easier to install than the Mp9.

Speaking of Mp9, I realized you guys might not have seen it’s current incarnation since the installation guide.

Well, here she is!

She sports a few odd things…

  • New black mp9 lower ( I used to have a Mp9r lower)
  • Test Fluted Gen1 Barrel
  • Guarder Phantom Flashhider
  • Element mrds
  • Single point sling.

Internally, she sports one of my flute valves, not much to say, KWA builds them tough.

I usually use the mp9 for indoor or mout type fields and this beauty is great for those environments. Being allowed to use mp9 during pistol/shotgun nights almost feels like cheating ( semi-only)

Anyways, that is it for now! Next post will probably be about the Mac11 Install guide and possibly a preview of my next project

– Dave

Mac11 Barrel news!

Hey guys,

Jumping in on a quick update on those mac11 barrels.

They are ready!

They were delayed due to an off dimension leaving some slack in the receiver. It was not a huge error, as it would have worked well in the mac11, but it just was not up to snuff in my book.

I had to have the problem corrected, which took more time and a bit more cost. I decided to eat the additional costs of the refinishing because frankly, it was my fault. This did leave the back end of the threaded barrel with a polished aluminium finish compared to the rest of the barrel, which has a matte black anodizing finish. Hopefully you guys can forgive me for this error, they will be aestetically uniform on my next batch, I promise.

Anyways, here are some early shots

You should see these barrels available later this week or early next week!

Happy hunting!

– Dave

Been Busy; M11 updates and side blog.

Hey guys,

It has been awhile since I have last updated y’all. Here is whats new.

The KWA Mac11 threaded barrels.
I was able to get my hands on a second set of samples from my shop and all points are a go. I had some communication issued for the thread direction and the ID was a bit looser than I would have liked. These issues have been solved and things are looking good

On a side note, I have been doing some things outside of Airsoft. You can check it out here 

Teaser; KWA Mac11 Threaded Muzzle Prototypes

Hey All,

Here is a quick teaser on the upcoming Mac11 threaded muzzles. They are currently in the white, but will be anodized matte black when they are ready to hit stores.

After these standard barrels get some traction, I’ll also release a “bull barrel” version to have better compatibility with tracer units on the market.

After the bull barrels, I’ll probably look into doing some 14ccw thread protectors. I’ve had some people talk to me about damaging their threads when attachments are not in use and flash hiders may seem wonky. I’ll shoot for something that will look good on my threaded projects, along with compatibly with aeg ends as well.

New Project: KWA Mac11 Threaded barrels

Hey guys,

In the next coming weeks, I will be making one of my previous one-offs available in stores.

Here is a preview of what I will be producing.

These will be drop in units for the  KWA Mac 11 and replace the pipe threads with a 14mm CCW thread at the base of the barrel.

Why install this threaded barrel?
Because you may not have the budget to own replica specific attachments, much like the KWA MP9. So, if you want to spread your attachments use across all your replicas, you can do so. Also, I feel the options on the market intended for the Mac11 replicas are quite limited.

The downside of this initial design is that you *may* have issues with some tracer units. With the barrel extending beyond the threads, the bb sensor in your tracer units may not register. To counter this, I will later release a “Bull Barrel” Model with a .75in diameter barrel and threads at the end. This will give your mac11 acceptable clearance for your tracer’s sensor.

I’ll check in later when I have more news to tell ya’ll.

– Dave