Who is Dangerwerx?

Easy. He is me!

Well, I would like to keep my personal life and this blog separate, but I can tell you a little about myself.

You know that kid who did not have new toys because he kept on breaking his?
I was that kid. You could easily catch me daydreaming blankly in the back of the class, or drawing out “inventions” on scrap paper during lunch breaks.

I remember when the Quick morphing Power Ranger toys had just come out and I received two as Christmas gifts, The Green Ranger and Red Ranger. After playing with them for awhile, I got bored and pulled out my father’s screw driver. I proceeded to take them apart and swap parts. I called them the Christmas Rangers and my classmates were eager to have me swap their own power rangers around for some crazy combos.

Well, that natural curiosity has always stayed by my side and has gotten me into plenty of trouble.

During the summer of 2002, I was introduced to airoft via a clear Desert Eagle springer. Not long after, I saved up enough allowance to purchased my first Airsoft replica, The UHC Mp5 springer.
Boy did I love that gun.

From there, I have tinkered with many sides of airsoft, from AEG’s, GBB Pistols, 40mm grenades and Classics.

For me, airsoft satisfies two things. The urge to play “Cop and Robbers” and the ability to tinker. With great mentors supporting me, I was able to expand my tinkering into airsoft pretty well. In what some have dubbed the “Danger Cave”, I’ve worked on several projects with friends and many of those projects are documented here.

– Dave


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Dave.Very interested in the VSR 10 hopup arms you are developing.If you could get one to me i would test it with all variables and provide you with all data.I would also cover the costs.I do however live in the UK.Once you have these arms ready to produce i should think there would be a very large market for them here.I look forward to hearing from you,Gareth.

    • Hey Gareth!

      Shoot me an email at Dangerwerx (at) Gmail (dot) com for more details.
      I am sure I can add you to the shipping list!

      Have a great day and I look forward to your reply

      – Dave

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