Upcoming 16mm+ to 14mm- Adapters

Upcoming 16mm+ to 14mm- Adapters

Hey guys,
With the release of the KWA Kriss, I’ve been encumbered with pm’s and e-mails about a KRISS threaded barrel.

After banging my head trying to make a threaded barrel economical, I had to give up on the idea of a threaded barrel unit and instead went with the tried and true 16mm to 14mm adapter.

I had actually owned one before by laylax, back when I had ordered a unit for an old KSC Mk23. Oddly enough they make a flash hider for the MK23 too. Go figure.

I am playing with a different anodizing color for this, trying to get closer to “milspec” and I think these turned out well.

I’ll have photos with the adapter installed on a KRISS once I get my hands on one.


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