Polymer Rail Samples!

Quick update on my Polymer Tri-Shot Rails.

My 2nd batch of samples has arrived and I think I have reached something I would be happy to release.

There are two notes on the rail.

First, there is slight bowing from the injection molding process. The bowing is corrected once the rails are installed.

Second, there will be a small chip on the rail edge, close to the center. The chip is small, does not hamper accessory use, but it is visual. This is a result of going with glass filled polymer. If I went with ABS, it would look nice, but the rail’s toughness and strength would be severely hampered.

I would rather produce something that works, no matter the use, vs take some structural shortcuts to make it “look” better.

Stay tuned! I will be giving 10 rails away on my facebook page later this week.

– Dangerwerx


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