Upcoming Mac11 Barrel install guide & My Mp9

Hey All,

Just poking in real quick to let you all know I am working on an installation guide for the Mac11 Threaded barrel. They are currently being resized to be blog friendly. If you have seen the Mp9 installation guide, then you have a general idea of the format. Also, It is BOATLOADS easier to install than the Mp9.

Speaking of Mp9, I realized you guys might not have seen it’s current incarnation since the installation guide.

Well, here she is!

She sports a few odd things…

  • New black mp9 lower ( I used to have a Mp9r lower)
  • Test Fluted Gen1 Barrel
  • Guarder Phantom Flashhider
  • Element mrds
  • Single point sling.

Internally, she sports one of my flute valves, not much to say, KWA builds them tough.

I usually use the mp9 for indoor or mout type fields and this beauty is great for those environments. Being allowed to use mp9 during pistol/shotgun nights almost feels like cheating ( semi-only)

Anyways, that is it for now! Next post will probably be about the Mac11 Install guide and possibly a preview of my next project

– Dave


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