Mac11 Barrel news!

Hey guys,

Jumping in on a quick update on those mac11 barrels.

They are ready!

They were delayed due to an off dimension leaving some slack in the receiver. It was not a huge error, as it would have worked well in the mac11, but it just was not up to snuff in my book.

I had to have the problem corrected, which took more time and a bit more cost. I decided to eat the additional costs of the refinishing because frankly, it was my fault. This did leave the back end of the threaded barrel with a polished aluminium finish compared to the rest of the barrel, which has a matte black anodizing finish. Hopefully you guys can forgive me for this error, they will be aestetically uniform on my next batch, I promise.

Anyways, here are some early shots

You should see these barrels available later this week or early next week!

Happy hunting!

– Dave


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