New Project: KWA Mac11 Threaded barrels

Hey guys,

In the next coming weeks, I will be making one of my previous one-offs available in stores.

Here is a preview of what I will be producing.

These will be drop in units for the  KWA Mac 11 and replace the pipe threads with a 14mm CCW thread at the base of the barrel.

Why install this threaded barrel?
Because you may not have the budget to own replica specific attachments, much like the KWA MP9. So, if you want to spread your attachments use across all your replicas, you can do so. Also, I feel the options on the market intended for the Mac11 replicas are quite limited.

The downside of this initial design is that you *may* have issues with some tracer units. With the barrel extending beyond the threads, the bb sensor in your tracer units may not register. To counter this, I will later release a “Bull Barrel” Model with a .75in diameter barrel and threads at the end. This will give your mac11 acceptable clearance for your tracer’s sensor.

I’ll check in later when I have more news to tell ya’ll.

– Dave


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