Thoughts on Shot Show 2012

Hey guys,

So, I have been glued to my screen watching all of the shot show news and drama.

Honestly, 2012 looks like a good year for airsoft.

Some of the things I am looking forward to are..

KWA CQR series.

– Sub-$200 dollars with a 2GX gearbox? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? The gearbox itself sells for about $190 in the proshop. I don’t see how this not going to be a good option for people who already own a KWA and want to have a cqb/back-up rifle to use.
– Metal upper and “Plastic” lower? I heard a lot of people whine about the plastic lower, but honestly, seeing how the externals of the KWA g36 are rated top tier, I am not going to worry.
– I’ll probably pick one up as a loaner gun. Something simple and economical to toss to a first-timer and get him/her interested in the hobby.

KWA MKV, aka Makarov
 – More bad guy guns, please! I was sad to let mine go, many years back. Glad to see an airsoft one enter the market. ( I know of the converted co2 ones, but those were not exactly skirmish-able)

KWA Kriss

– Seeing that KWA is pretty much has the GBB SMG market cornered, this was a very logical step.
– I am excited to hear the long magazines might hold 70 rounds. As long as the gas output can match a full mag, I see this one being a CQB killer.
KWA Central’s teaser video of the 2 round burst pretty much sold me on the gun.
– I wonder what threads are on the end of that barrel?

Magpul PDR
Link to AirsoftNW’s Blog
– Now this guy definitely caught me off guard. I remember seeing the mock up in a previous Shot Show but figured it was going to be scrapped. NOPE!
– Seeing the Teaser video made me tear up a bit. Very excited.
– I am hoping a GBBr version/conversion will be released. Seeing that the conversion for the Masada recently came out, there is hope!


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