Preview of My new Mp9 Threaded Muzzles

Hey guys,

Just a quick preview of the new Mp9 threaded barrels I will be making.

I decided to do away with the ribbed texture on the exterior of the muzzle for a simple straight wall.

The overall length of the muzzle has been reduced a good 1/2 inch as well.

Well, here is a render of the muzzle

Simple, right?
This will probably be the standard barrel I produce for the MP9, with maybe a few limited runs of special designs.

Anyways, have a great day!

– D.Werx


4 thoughts on “Preview of My new Mp9 Threaded Muzzles

    • Hey Cyper!

      The new threaded muzzles will be available shortly. I am on the tail of production and they need to be anodized next. I would have to say they will be ready in a week.

      As for where you can purchase the newer barrels, AirsoftGi, and Airsoft Extreme have been making frequent orders and you should see it on their respective websites soon after I ship.

      As for the extended barrels, I am still working on these, so they won’t have a solid release date for a bit (I won’t hate to set a hard target and fail to meet expectations)

  1. Hi I did a tutorial on installing this and the Flute Valve on Youtube and I thought I posted it on here in the comments but can’t find it. IF you want too use it on your site go ahead and grab the link from my youtube page.

    Youtube username: CRAZYACE63

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