Update News: VSR-10 levers, Mp9 Barrels and Upcoming

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack updates, my life has been hectic as of late. I’ve now got the time to bring out more updates for my projects.

First up are the VSR-10 levers.

The money has finally been collected to have another batch produced. I would have had the betas ready with a previous batch, but in my haste I forgot to factor in anodizing build up on the parts. Thus, the pivot hole for the levers came out a bit under sized. Live and learn, right?

Not too costly a mistake, but since re-order time fell around the same time for my Christmas shopping, I decided I would need to sell a few more barrels to have another batch made. Did I mention all my projects I put out are completely funded by my previous products?

Anyways, The money has been sent and I’ll have another 15-20 units ready for testing. I’ve got a few bites for them so far, but I think only 9 of the 15 have been claimed. If you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail and I can add you to the list.

On to other news. The Mp9 Threaded Barrels v2

These turned out much better than I had thought, even with my cautious approach to it’s design. For the next batch, There will be a few changes. I looked at every possible measurement to find areas where a little space can be cut, without hampering the structure. Listening to feedback, the threads are now shorter, barrel cavity is shorter, the ribbing has been removed in favor for a smoother wall. The look will be much more subdued, looking like a stock factory barrel.

Overall, I think this coming batch will be the standard barrel I will produce, with limited runs of ribbed barrels and soon-to-come fluted barrels as well. Pricing will remain the same, simply because why should I charge you more for optimizing my product?

In more Mp9 news, I am still playing with the idea of extended inner barrels. The reason for my hesitation is because having Tightbore-level consistency is pretty darn expensive in small batch numbers. Leading to two things, VERY expensive barrels, or barrels becoming a loss leader. I am not Toyota, I can’t produce loss leaders to make people happy and myself broke.

I have a few solutions to this, but I’ll have to delve deeper before I make any formal announcements.

Thanks for reading guys. This is all the news I have now. I will be doing another post this week, so look out for that!

– D.Werx


2 thoughts on “Update News: VSR-10 levers, Mp9 Barrels and Upcoming

  1. The tightbore barrels would be awesome, upping distances, plus giving the outer barrel a purpose other than to look cool.

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