VSR Levers

Hey guys,
Check this out

They are new vsr-10 hop up levers with a few neat features.

The levers were designed with 2 things in mind.

  1. Use a straight bar, instead of 2 fingers, to interface with the hop up rubber.
  2. Shallowly increase the lever’s sliding bar angle.

The first design, the solid bar, is good for 2 reasons. It is sturdy and it is better for use with fingered hop up rubbers.

How so?
Well, when using 2 fingers or an H-hop combined with fingered hop rubbers, you basically put pressure on the side of the fingers, producing an inward bend.

A solid bar on the other hand, will interface with the hop up rubber from top-center and downwards, putting more pressure and emphisis on the gap of the fingers to stabilize the top of the bb.

The increased slider angle should be a bit more straight forward. Basically,as the slider moves the lever up and down, the increased angle allows more of the nub to be engaged into the rubber. This allows you a great range of motion for the lever and thus a wider range of hop up setting for your rifle.

Is any of this scientifically proven? No. Just my educated guess.

I am looking for beta testers, so anyone looking to try this out, gimme a heads up

– D.Werx



5 thoughts on “VSR Levers

  1. Is there any way I could possibly try one of these in my VSR-10? I would gladly try it in my rifle and even make a quality video for it. Just email me if possible. Thank you.

  2. My hop up arm recently broke and I’ve been searching everywhere for a replacement. I use PDI internals with a bore up setup. can’t seem to get a hold of anyone, or even experimental types of arms. I would love to try these out if you still need tests and reviews. Otherwise, if already proven, I’d be glad to purchase one… I hope this thread isn’t too old already!

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